Venus Needs Men!

Board Game of Alien Invasion

by John L. Velonis

Choose one of five alien planets, each with unique abilities. Build spaceships to invade Earth and abduct its population. Attack your rivals to prevent them from capturing all the humans for themselves!

Or play Earth and try to scavenge alien technology to improve your defenses, while evacuating as much population as you can to a secret underground refuge!

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Latest News

2012-08-06   Just heard the sad news that Robert Washington III passed away on June 6 at the age of 47. Robert was an early and enthusiastic fan of Venus Needs Men! and ran sessions at Ubercon. He will be missed.

2009-10-23   If you tried to reach the site recently and received an error message, sorry! We changed Web hosting providers, but are now back online. If you're in the New Jersey/New York area on the weekend of Nov. 6-8, come to Ubercon XII and play a game of Venus Needs Men!

2008-08-31   Atomic Array posted a podcast from GenCon including a segment on Venus Needs Men! as well as lots more news and interviews -- check it out!

2008-06-09   We'll be running Venus Needs Men! events at Origins from June 25-29 -- come try it out!

2008-03-09   Ron McClung posted a review of Venus Needs Men! at

2007-10-17   Check out the Venus Needs Men! events on Saturday, November 3 at UberCon IX in Edison, NJ.

2007-08-28   Thanks to everyone who played Venus Needs Men! at GenCon, and congratulations to our prize winners, Eric Berman, Quentin Denzene, Rachel Bragg, and Rob Shore!

2007-08-14   GenCon starts August 16 in Indianapolis. We'll be running Venus Needs Men! events all four days of the show and giving away a free copy of the game each day, so come and try it out!

2007-07-10   Back from Origins -- it was great meeting Venus Needs Men! fans and introducing the game to new players. Congratulations to Nick Seal, Rachel Page, Max Galambos, and Karen Davis, who each won a copy!

2007-07-03   Come to Origins from July 5-8 and play one of our Venus Needs Men! events, and you could win a free copy of the game!

2007-05-04   ConQuest LA starts today -- head over to the GPA Showcase to check out Venus Needs Men!

2007-03-18   Kevin Bender reviews Venus Needs Men! in the May issue of Knucklebones magazine. Michael Erb has a review in the Parkersburg (WV) News and Sentinel (also posted at BoardGameGeek).

2007-02-06   Look for Venus Needs Men! at the GPA Showcase at DunDraCon in San Ramon, CA from February 16-19. Or if you'd like to try out the game, head down to PrezCon in Charlottesville, VA from February 21-25 -- you might even win a free copy or a T-shirt!

2007-01-21   Come to Dreamation in East Brunswick, NJ from January 25-28 and try out Venus Needs Men! -- we'll be running events all day Saturday.

2006-12-03   Tom Vasel's full review is posted at The Dice Tower and also at Boardgame News. Tom says "The ideas were silly and humorous, yet the mechanics offered enough choices to make this more than just a simple, light game... I enjoy the game tremendously."